Kpop Roleplay

Kpop Roleplay

This group is for kpop groups and idols (ocs) created by polvore users
Face claims are first dibs on a model/ulzzang/idol/etc.'s face/appearance
Do not use anyone else's face claim (unless you've gotten permission first)
Do not use existing songs as your own. (You can't make your song/comeback Hobogoblin, it's been done. Do a concept similar but don't copy.)
Do not roleplay injuries, illnesses, anything that could be threatening to an idols career or life. (Have some respect.)
Do not cause scandals about another group without permission
Do not claim anyone's work or creations as your own
Be kind and respectful to all members and real idols.
Do not create ocs who are not of asian ethnicity.
If you don't like these rules please leave, there's another oc group or you could make your own. Message me if you have any questions.